Just Eat Real Food

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One of the most difficult things people find to grasp in my clinic is the change of diet. I hear "but what am I supposed to eat?" on more than a daily basis.

So I have decided to regularly post my food so you can see, that with a bit of planning, it's not really that hard.

I have 3 rules:

1.      Only eat food that rots. Why? Because we are essentially 98% microorganisms - As Dr Rau from Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland says "we are just bags of bugs". Now these guys are supposed to be there - they are our friends! So it stands to reason that if the bugs OUTSIDE your body are going to like it, so are the bugs INSIDE your body. A biscuit may go stale, but essentially doesn’t really rot.  An apple does, as does a piece of meat or a tomato. We have all seen the YouTube clip of the indestructible burger from a well-known fast food chain. If you haven’t, click on this link to watch.

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2.      Only eat food that great granny would have recognised as food. In the past few decades, food has become nutrient devoid, calorie excessive and some, virtually impossible to digest. Before the 1950s food was still real. The breads that were around in those days are no comparison to the excuses that they call bread now: Bread has become Franken-food: They now spray wheat with toxic glyphosate and add a substance called “bread improver” so  they can now pump out vast quantities of it in record time. Bread no longer has to “prove”; its literally just mix and bake.  Likewise, Granny would not have recognised Slurpees, highly coloured and flavoured snacks or soft drinks, or even soymilk. So before you put it in your mouth think “ Would great granny have eaten this?”

3.      Eat food in it’s own packaging like fruits and veggies, eggs, nuts. This will also help decrease the prohibitive amounts of packaging that goes into landfill every day.  Those jars and sachets of seasonings and spices all contain additives and preservatives and it's so much cheaper just doing your own. Did you know that for every living organism in the ocean, there are now 6 pieces of plastic? And fish ingest micro-particles of plastic; when we eat them, we eat that plastic! Eating food in it’s own packaging will be good for your body and the planet.

So watch this space and I will take you through some easy recipes that even the busiest person can prepare. 

Yours in health Alexandra 

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