Summerlicious Ice Cream


Did you know that conventional ice cream contains loads of sugar and chemical additives such as anti-freeze? (That’s how it stays lovely and soft in the freezer).

 On average each serve of ice cream contains 21g grams of sugar – that’s over 5 tsps. in 1 scoop…and 1 serve is only 1 scoop – who ever just has 1 scoop of ice cream?

 But there is nothing better on a hot day than an icy cold treat. So here is my recipe for the best ice cream ever. Feed it to the children after school – they will NEVER know that they are having a healthy treat!.

All you need is some fruit, a freezer and a good blender. I use my Thermomix, but you don’t have to.

Before you start place EVERYTHING in the freezer including any utensils that you intend to use, the blender jug , the fruit ( it should be well frozen) and the serving bowls. Because your ice-cream won’t contain any chemicals, it will melt!


Mango Cheeks Ready To Freeze

Mango Cheeks Ready To Freeze


Allow per person:

·      ½ banana – frozen (peel BEFORE you place in the freezer) – the mushie over-ripe varieties are     best.

·      ½ mango – frozen     

·      2 strawberries – frozen  (take the green tops off before freezing).

·      1 tbsp. coconut yoghurt – optional if you want a bit of tang. Chilled but not frozen.




·    Place all frozen ingredients in the blender.

·    Blend until smooth – small pulse work best.

·    Once well blended, add yoghurt if using and blend some more.

·    Serve immediately and enjoy.