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Constant Urinary Tract Infections? Could It Be Your Gut?

Do you get frequent urinary tract infections? Chances are it has very little to do with hygiene and a whole lot more to do with how many good bugs and bad bugs that you have in your gut. Now I am not saying that we should give our personal care a miss. Quite the contrary, it is very important to keep clean, but not at the expense of your good guys. Many antimicrobial agents actually kill more good guys in and on us as they do bad. And then the balance is all wrong – we have lost our good soldiers!

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Flouride Is Poison

We have all seen them – those experts on the news programs warning about the potential dangers to our teeth by not having fluoride in the water – they often quote how in areas where the water isn’t fluoridated, tooth decay is high (statistics are rarely given).

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