In the  early 2000s, scientists began to map our genes.  But since then, they have also identified many genes that may be responsible for important processes in our bodies: how  our bodies respond to certain toxins, medications, chemicals and even foods.

It is now also  known that our genes  can be "switched on or off" by certain foods we eat and even our lifestyle choices that we make. This brand new science has a brand new name: "Epigenetics":

It all begins with what genes that we inherit from our parents and ancestors: For example, you may have struck it very lucky and inherited many good genes for detoxification - this would mean that perhaps you could get away with leading a less than "clean" lifestyle without too many ill effects. Or you may have inherited genes that struggle to detox even simple  compounds like caffeine. This would mean that you may have to pay more attention to those aspects of your life.

 Wouldn't it be simply brilliant if you could see what "DNA hand" that nature and your ancestors has dealt you? Well now you can and by finding out which genes you have inherited can help you make more informed health and lifestyle choices, ultimately leading to a happier, healthier you.

Clinical services DNA testing is a sophisticated, investigative tool which helps  to identify variations in your genes. It allows your practitioner to work intimately with you so that the best highly individualised program can be created - what is best for you to eat, the best supplements for you to take and the lifestyle options that will make your body the best that it can be.

Remember that word epigenetics? Well essentially this means that your genes do not have to be your destiny; for example, you may have some genes that affect how your hormones are metabolised - which could lead to health problems such as  infertility, hormonal conditions such as endometriosis or fibrocystic breast disease  or even cancer.  But this doesn't mean that you will develop these diseases! Why? Because they can be effectively silenced (or "turned off") by the correct lifestyle, dietary and supplementation programs. This creates a very empowering  treatment strategy that is highly effective and  sustainable long term. You will be living as your genes intended you to!


who would BENEFIT from a dna SEQUENCING profile?

  • If you are planning a baby.
  • If you would like more resilience against stress.
  • If you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression.
  • If you have hormonal issues.
  • if you have gut issues.
  • If you have a history of chronic disease such as autoimmunity, mental illness or cancer in the family
  • If you wish to age well and remain in the best of health in your older years.
  • If you are struggling with your weight.
  • If you just feel that you could live a better and healthier life and "Something is missing"

genes that can be tested include:

  • Vitamin absorption and metabolism
  • Hormone metabolism - how well and safely are your hormones converting in your body?
  • Neurotransmitters regulation - these pathways play a vital role in your mental health. 
  • Detoxification capacity of your body - should you stay away form BBQ meat? Can you drink s much coffee as you like or not? etc.
  • How does your body metabolise the fat  you eat?
  • Are you prone to various diseases such as heart disease?
  • Intolerances to foods such as wheat and gluten.


Prices begin  as low as low as $149*, with the total well-being bundle $299*.

(*Consultation costs extra).


Due to the very portable nature of this test, you can access DNA profiling no matter where you are in Australia (International services coming soon).   Consultations for DNA interpretations can be performed via telephone or Skype. 

So what are you waiting for?

Call +617 32022300 today and start treating your health as an individual too!