Fat Release

Finally! A Fat Loss Program That ACTUALLY WORKS!


Have you tried to shed those unwanted love handles but they refuse to budge no matter how much you try?

Do you cringe every time that you step on the scales?

Has your weight been gradually creeping up year by year?

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Maybe you have Fat Loss Resistance Syndrome! FLRS is shorthand for a collection of physical health and emotional ‘road blocks’ that quite literally PREVENT WEIGHT LOSS no matter how hard you try to shock the body with less calories or grueling exercise.

Did you know that there are three types of fat:

According to Dr Simeons, creator of the original diet, they are:

  1. Structural
  2. Reserve
  3. Abnormal

The first two, structural and reserve fat, are always present in healthy human beings. They serve important bodily functions and make life miserable if they are missing. The third one, abnormal fat, is what you have when you become obese. The only use abnormal fat has is as a last resort against starvation. After the structural and reserve fats have been used up, with the usual detrimental effects, the body finally allows itself to start drawing from its abnormal fat deposits. We in the Western world carry too much abnormal fat and this has a lot to do with the stresses in our lives. Essentially we “hang on” to this fat because we are too busy fighting tigers! This is the fat that sits round our tummies or on our hips. In fact, if a woman carries a lot of excess weight on her hips, this is usually all toxic fat and can be successfully treated with the SFR system

How Does the Healing Hands Fat Release System work and why is it so different?

The SuperFat Release System woks because it factors in the hypothalamus – the master gland in the brain that controls internal stability and your fat banking capacity, the speed of your metabolism and your hunger cravings. It controls how much fat you store and where you store it.

 Fat also stores toxins,and often a body will want to quickly restore those fat cells in order to protect itself from toxic overload. BUT, combined with a successful detoxification program, some recommendations for safe personal care products and a homeopathic formula to re-set that part of your brain which controls your fat banking; that stubborn fat will melt way. Consider this program as a full body and cellular detox. You will feel fabulous in no time!

Targeting the Right Kind of Fat

The SFR system helps target the right kind of fat by unlocking the body's abnormal fat deposits. They do this by balancing the mechanism within the brain that controls the distribution of fat. This allows the body to consume its abnormal fat and send it into the blood stream for nutrition and energy, which in turn allows you to reduce your usual caloric intake with little or no discomfort. The abnormal fat burns away, and the body's necessary structural and reserve fat are left intact and can even build back up to their proper level.

The HH SFR system is a minimum 21 day and maximum 40 day diet. you can lose up to 15kg quickly and safely with very few hunger cravings

Because this program cleanses your body and "wakes up" that part of your brain that not only controls fat burning but appetite and hormones as well, many hormonal symptoms such as hot flushes simply disappear (see testimonials page!)

The Healing Hands Fat Release Program Will:

  • Kick start your abnormal fat burning whilst maintaining muscle mass.
  • Help balance other hormonal systems in the body– great for menopause and andropause.
  • Sculpt your body by maintaining normal fat such as breast tissue and the fat which gives our faces fullness and shape – so no haggard, sunken and wrinkly cheeks and skin.
  • Melt stubborn cellulite and lose centimetres off your belly, hips and thighs.

Not only will you lose weight (fat), but you will lose centimetres off where you need to.
This program actually resets the body’s metabolism and when the metabolism is healthy and reprogrammed, remaining fat free for the long term becomes a whole lot easier!