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SWEDISH & REmedial massage therapist

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Hello! My name is Noelle Jacobs and I am from the Washington DC area.

I enjoy nature, crafting, and travel.

I have been practising massage for a little over a year and specialise in Swedish massage. I also have experience in hot stone massage, deep tissue, and connective tissue massage. I have always had an interest in health and wellness, which is the main reason I became a massage therapist. Connecting with clients and helping them manage their pain and stress has made me realise the importance of massage therapy.  I am looking forward to meeting Queensland's massage needs! 

  • Massage has such a wide range of benefits from mental to physical that it can assist a variety of treatment and wellness goals.
  • Swedish massage is one of the most common forms of massage and can be helpful in relieving and managing pain, increasing range of motion, improving circulation, and promoting relaxation. It utilises a variety of muscle relaxing strokes and tension relieving stretches, applied at the appropriate levels of pressure to suit the needs of the client.


Massage is for evryone, why don't you give it a try - you won't be dissapointed

Look forward  to seeing you soon ~ Noelle  ~