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Hi my name is Shirley Cunningham and my business name is ‘Turning Point: Counselling and Hypnotherapy for positive change’.  Turning Point is about to be available at ‘Healing Hands’ working in conjunction with the wonderful practitioners that are currently there. This is an exciting time for me as it gives me the opportunity to engage with clients in a wonderful healing space.

I have extensive experience dealing with families and individuals who require support in times of crisis, anxiety, fear, loss and grief. I have worked extensively with parents who have lost a child. I am passionate about supporting people to reach their full potential and working with them to focus on their strengths and move forward.

I also love to work with mothers and fathers who are expecting a baby so to this end I do HypnoBirthing for individuals or groups.

I am a registered nurse who specialised in oncology and haematology, in children and adults. I have worked for the Leukaemia Foundation for 12 years supporting families who are diagnosed with a blood cancer.

I have completed a degree in Nursing, a Masters in Health, a Masters in Counselling and studies in Hypnotherapy to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist.


Please do not hesitate to contact me DIRECTLY for further information or to book a session on

0412 833 122

Please note - I take my own  bookings  - please contact me via the phone number above

Warm Regards

Shirley Cunningham

Turning Point: Counselling and Hypnotherapy for Positive Change