Welcome To Healing Hands Natural Health Centre (HHNHC)

Are you ready to shine?

Isn't it about time that you looked after you? Let's face it, your health is priceless and it's way easier to keep it rather than try to regain it once lost. In fact, you could say that it is the most precious gift that we have all been given. For if we don't have our health nothing else matters, does it? But what is health? It is not just the absence of disease; it is  true vibrancy, energy, and the ability to greet each and every day with enthusiasm and eagerness.  Many of us feel so bogged down with poor energy, extra kilos, work stresses and just plain lethargy that this seems like an impossible dream. But it is NOT!

Here at HHNHC, we focus on you, the individual, believing that in every person, there is the intrinsic ability to be well.

That’s why when you arrive at the clinic, you may notice that we do things a little differently, from our front of house team to all our practitioners; we value the individual that you are and the very personal health and life journey that you are on. We take the time to listen to your stories – believing that it is all of you that determines your health, not just your physical symptoms.

Despite this very individual approach, Healing Hands is a state of the art, integrated, holistic medicine practice that combines evidence-based natural and orthomolecular medicine with other integrative practices to ensure that you are provided with the start and support you need to help you bounce back to the best of health: True wellness medicine.

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Our multi-disciplinary team includes naturopathy, nutritional consultation, massage, bioresonance therapy, Bowen therapy and Shiatsu. We are all committed to providing you with the best service and the best knowledge based on the most current up-to-date research. This is then tailored to fit you, the individual, to ensure that you will have the best outcome possible. The team at Healing Hands prides themselves on being just that – a team who work together with one intent and purpose – your health and wellbeing.

Did you know that your body wants to be well?  And we all deserve the very best of health, from the minute we draw our first breath, to the minute we draw our last. But when our body is functioning less than optimally, the only way it can tell us is to give us a sign – in the way of a symptom. A bit like the warning light on the dashboard of your car – if something is amiss under the bonnet, we don’t tape over the warning light, or hack it out – we look under that bonnet and once the problem is solved, that warning light goes out all by itself. But if we continue to tape that light, or bash them out, more and more warning lights go on. All of a sudden you have a myriad of seemingly unrelated problems that are all actually connected.

Our highly skilled and qualified multidisciplinary team take on the role of interpreters – reading your symptoms, via the use of questionnaires and history taking and alongside comprehensive testings and functional pathology , determine what your body is trying to tell you. We then work to correct these underlying problems (under the bonnet) and all the warning lights (symptoms!)  go out, one by one.

True wellness that that allows you to have that exceptional vitality that we are all entitled to – without disease returning.  Enabling you to live your life to its full potential.

The team at Healing Hands believe that it’s all about education so we teach you the everyday skills in lifestyle and nutrition that are attainable and achievable so you continue to remain in the best of health, for your lifetime, naturally.

The dispensary and pharmacopoeia at Healing hands is extensive and comprehensive, so you don’t have to wait to receive the treatment prescribed by your practitioner. This includes the highest quality, TGA approved practitioner-only supplements and herbs not available in your supermarket, health food store or pharmacy. Herbal tonics are tailored to your direct prescription and prepared for you in-house.

We also stock a small amount of toxin free personal care and household products, books and superfoods to help you empower you and your family on your wellness journey. A true “safe zone” in all aspects.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let us look after you and your loved ones so that life can once again be the brilliant journey it is meant to be.