Flouride Is Poison

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We have all seen them – those experts on the news programs warning about the potential dangers to our teeth by not having fluoride in the water – they often quote how in areas where the water isn’t fluoridated, tooth decay is high (statistics are rarely given). Also, other questions are rarely answered, such as:

  • How much higher is the tooth decay?
  • Has anybody looked at the dental hygiene or food intake of these children?
  • Has anybody done any research on the differing IQ rates in these areas where there is no fluoride in the water

Research shows to  “support the possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children’s neurodevelopment.” (https://dash.harvard.edu/bitstream/handle/1/10579664/3491930.pdf )

Did you know that fluoride is a waste-product of aluminium smelter and phosphate production? Our governments like to call it a by-product – a play on words to sell it to the masses

It has been shown to cause calcification of the pineal gland and also it displaces iodine in our bodies - check out the periodic table and pull out your high school chemistry books - it is the lightest halogen, then comes chlorine (oh THAT'S right, this is also in our water!!!), then bromine (in citrus flavoured sports drinks and used as a flame retardant in furnishings - banned in many countries). THEN comes iodine. Now the higher up on the table the element in a group, the higher it's "push" so to speak to displace other elements in our cells. Iodine is not only crucial for our thyroid (know of anyone with a thyroid problem?? you will soon), it is also necessary for healthy breast tissue, healthy skin and healthy ovaries - my oh my, WHAT are they doing? If people want to use fluoride, you can obtain it very cheap from the pharmacy.

Did you know that fluoride only works externally - that is by making contact with the teeth? Swallowing it will only cause fluorosis - a debilitating condition which causes weak bones and brittle enamel! Not to mention thyroid problems. Research suggests that half of ingested fluoride ends up in our bones

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In fact, there is a long list of conditions that fluoride is said to contribute to, including gut issues, arthritis, immune issues, including autoimmune disease, cavities (!) and cancer to name a few.

Natural fluorides such as found in tea are a little different and are easy for the body to assimilate.

Why have most countries in the EU, taken fluoride from the water, claiming that the practise seems “unreasonable?

Did you also know that our governments get paid to add it- is that a clue to why we REALLY have it?

It is also contained in rat poison and pesticides and Professor A.K. Susheela, who has been researching the effects of fluoride on humans for over twenty years, believes that it is a disease-causing agent and should be removed from all municipal water supplies and toothpastes as soon as possible. Her requests fall on deaf ears.

With regards to toothpastes, the recommended amount is a pea sized amount – any larger and it is suggested you contact your poisons info centre – have a look at all those ads – when do you see a pea-sized amount of toothpaste?! And it is recommended that you don’t swallow this stuff… tell that to your three-year-old.  

Take control, empower yourself and your children. I think unless we have mass awakening here in Australia, it is here to stay – also buy a fluoride removing filter they are worth it!! I have bought one for my home, each of my children’s homes, my clinic AND my staff – keep your own IQ and that of your children!