Healthy Natural Mouthwash

Many people purchase commercial brand mouthwash in the mistaken idea that it is great for their dental hygiene:

 Nothing could be further form the truth:

Many of the ingredients disrupt the natural microbiome of not only our mouths but also our gut.

Research is now discovering that regular use of mouthwash can lead to long term health problems such as diabetes, but the ingredient list reads like the big wigs of a chemical lab, with big players such as the disinfectants triclosan (banned in the USA now, still available in Australia for being environmentally toxic, but also playing havoc with our thyroid hormone levels), and benzalkonium chloride (a known allergen) and  hexidene ( linked to heart problems), artificial dyes ( some of which are actually cytotoxic and linked to liver stress) and methylparabens as a preservative ( known to disrupt our hormones: and endocrine disrupting chemical or EDC).

But many of us like that fresh feeling that mouthwash gives us - so here is a recipe to try that may tick all the boxes, but still leave your mouth fresh!:


  • 250ml herbal tea of your choice: sage or peppermint works well. Brewed and cooled
  • 1/4 tsp Celtic salt
  • A few drops of each: clove and peppermint oil ( make sure that they are food grade and organic). You can use both or either. You may also like lemon or grapefruit


  • Mix all ingredients together in a glass bottle, 
  • Shake well before eachuse
  • Will last 1 week.
  • I make mine when I batch cook my meals for the week!