Fatigue can be the result of several factors in the body. As you get older, the body takes on many different stresses and burdens:


·                     Adrenal stress (literally “fighting the tiger”)

When your body is stressed, it may require up to 4 times the nutrients compared to an “un-stressed” body – if there is such a thing in this very busy world. A lack of B group vitamins will prevent the energy processing structures in the body from functioning at optimal levels.

·                     Inflammatory processes in the body will also require many nutrients that a deficiency of, may lead to fatigue.

·                     Physical stress from nutrient deficiencies. Such as B and C vitamins, magnesium, Coenzyme Q 10 and lipoic acid.

·                     Leaky gut

Intestinal dysbiosis as leaky gut is more correctly called will contribute to fatigue as it prevents adequate absorption of nutrients and also decreases the vital nutrients produced by beneficial bacterial in the intestine. An integrated gut wellness program is essential for the body to fully recover.

·                     Toxic burdens

Many substances can cause a toxic burden on the body: heavy metals, xeno-oestrogens, pesticides and chemicals form personal care products to name a few

·                     Infections

Such as glandular fever (Epstein Barr or EBV) can also cause unrelenting fatigue in the body

·                     Allergies

Allergies to foods or environmental factors will result in a histamine production in the body – these chemical messengers can also contribute to feelings of fatigue. Coincidentally – many allergies can be due to long term intestinal dysbiosis.


·                     Diet

This may seem obvious but unfortunately there is so much actual nutrition lacking in our foods that despite being “over-colorized”, vitamins and minerals are diminished. This leads to suboptimal functioning of every cell in the body, causing poor energy production and fatigue.

·                Pregnancy

Whilst pregnancy itself often causes fatigue in the mother-to-be due to increased energy and nutrient demands on the body, ensuring optimal nutrient intake will help give the bounce back to your step!

·                Insomnia

Again, an obvious cause of fatigue, but getting to the cause of why you are suffering insomnia will result in a good night’s sleep!


The above of course aren’t single, isolated causes, many are linked: When you have chronic stress in your body, the adrenal glands literally wear out – they run low on nutrients such as B and C vitamins, which then cause different stresses on the body from other organs responding to the chemical signals that the adrenals release. This in turn may cause an imbalance of other hormones such as cortisol, insulin, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  All of these scenarios may cause unrelenting fatigue, often unrelieved by sleep. Many health professionals may tell you that fatigue is an inevitable part of ageing. NOT SO! Your body has the right to good health well into mature old age and an adequate detoxification program, supported by nutrients and herbs to nourish the adrenal gland will have you bouncing out of bed again in no time!