Naturopathy uses treatments like nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy and massage to help the body heal itself. Disorders commonly treated by naturopaths include fatigue, digestive complaints, stress, mood disorders and depression, allergy and sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, ADD/ADHD, fertility problems, premenstrual tension and menopause, autoimmune issues and thyroid problems. Naturopaths can also help you lose weight.

Originating in Germany, the medicine of Naturopathy has been recognised since the 19th Century, but Hippocrates himself, known as the father of modern medicine and living over 2000 years ago, treated his patients using similar principles still practised by naturopaths today. Despite many claiming that naturopathy has no scientific research to back it up, historical evidence shows that the healing power of nature has kept people well for centuries. We are of this earth. Using products of this earth is making sense to more and more people in the Western World today.  Traditional cultures such as the Tibetans and Chinese have continued to use natural medicine to keep their populations well and they have some of the longest living people in the world today.  So maybe it’s time for you to give this amazingly powerful healing a go!

Underlying Principles

First do no harm. Try to minimize harmful side effects and avoid suppression of symptoms.
Physician as teacher. Educate patients and encourage them to take responsibility for their own health.
Treat the whole person. Consider all factors (e.g., physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, genetic, environmental, social) when tailoring treatment to each patient.
Prevention. Assess risk factors and in partnership with patients, make appropriate interventions to prevent illness.
Healing power of nature. Seek to identify and remove obstacles to the body’s natural processes for maintaining and restoring health.
Treat the cause. Focus on the causes of a disease or condition, rather than its symptoms.


Please note, if you have membership with  an eligible health fund with extras cover, your consultation will be rebate-able, depending on your level of cover. Please check with your health fund.  

For your convenience, HICAPS is also available. 

Initial Visit: $220.00 (60 Minutes)

$195.00 for children 10 years and under

This first consultation involves understanding your current health as well as any previous health conditions. We will also conduct a number of tests to help understand the health of your body in a measurable manner.  All tests are included in the initial price and may include: 

  • Cellular Health Analysis (Quadscan)

  • Zinc Tally test

  • Health Appraisal

  • Blood Pressure

  • Iridology

  • Tongue and nail analysis

  • Screening Tools

  • Urinary Indican test (will give a reasonably accurate indication on the health of your gut)

(That's $130 worth of tests alone!)

Report Of Findings $135.00 (60 Minutes)

At this appointment you will be provided with a written report outlining the findings of your test results, a comprehensive treatment plan and relevant information for you to read. We will also discuss any supplementation you may require (supplement costs apply).

All follow up appointments: $75.00 (30 Minutes)

Follow up appointments are usually spaced between 2 – 4 weeks apart depending on your individual health requirements. Any tests which are required to be performed at follow up appointments are an additional cost to the consultation fee.

Individual test prices (Consultation costs apply)

  • Bioimpedence Analysis (Quadscan): $20.00

  • Urinary Indican: $15.00

  • Heavy Metal Testing: $20

  • Zinc Tally Test: $8.00

  • Blood Glucose Testing: $5.50

  • Pathology (in house): $20 - please note functional pathology at various prices.

  • Iridology (simple): $15.00

A word on supplements used at healing hands

Only the best, practitioner-only supplements are used at Healing Hands Natural Health Centre. Most are made in Australia under strict TGA regulations. The strengths are therapeutic and unavailable in conventional health food stores, supermarkets or pharmacies. Many are of a quality far superior to the recommended Australian standard and will achieve the best health results possible.

Our herbal dispensary is stocked with the finest quality herbal tinctures, many of which are sourced in Queensland. Often a tincture will be made to suit your own individual requirements.

This will ensure the best possible health and wellness outcomes for you.

Our Practitioners