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Hello, my name is Rachel.

I have always had an interest in natural medicine, in particular herbs. As a child, I would rummage through the garden picking baskets of lavender and lilly pillies, creating potions and picnics!

It was this coupled with my own health issues that led me to explore natural health further. My journey guided me to study a Bachelor in Health Science majoring in Naturopathy. I wanted to understand the human body, disease and how nature can heal and nourish the body. The four-year degree soon turned into six thanks to the arrival of my beautiful daughter!

My passion for herbal medicine, while still strong, was soon surpassed by a passion for nutrition. I discovered the power of what we eat has an ability to either make us healthier or ultimately destroy our health. This had a profound effect for me during preconception, pregnancy and once having a child. Knowing what I ate while I was nurturing my unborn child would ultimately determine her genetic future and what I feed her now holds such power to her potential. It is this that drives my passion for Food as Medicine.  

As a holistic practitioner, I look at each patient individually with thorough case taking and the use of functional testing. I give careful consideration in preparing treatment plans, which include herbal and nutritional medicines, with a focus on dietary and lifestyle advice.

I love being in the kitchen, creating recipes to share with my patients, meal planning is my passion. I have an evidence-based approach to practice and thereby incorporate traditional knowledge with the most recent scientific research.

My time in clinical studies that developed my interest in preventive care, educating patients about nutrition and lifestyle choices to empower individuals to take control of their own healing and health.

To me naturopathy and nutrition is not about judgement, guilt or restriction. It’s about using nature, in the way of food, herbs, specific nutrients and lifestyle modifications to heal and encourage wellness. We all, from time to time, find ourselves in a place where our health is less than optimal. We are here and want to be there. Health and wellness is a life long journey, and there’s always more to learn and room to grow.

My role as a practitioner is to guide and encourage a person on their health journey, to help get them from where they are to where they want to be. I focus a lot on education, I feel that if you understand why you are doing something you’re more likely to follow recommendations and you also gain lifelong skills. I emphasise the importance of nutrition, food is the key to either growing health or growing disease. My favourite quote is ‘Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine by thy food’ by Hippocrates, father of medicine. I believe in good food, getting out into nature, loving yourself (which I can appreciate can be a challenge!) and all things in moderation!


  • Meal Planning

  • Preconception care

  • Pregnancy and children’s nutrition

  • Sleep disorders

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Gut didsorders; leaky gut, IBS, digestive issues.


  • Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy)