"Everyone should take the opportunity to have Alexandra Brewster as one of their health carers.

I initially saw Alex after making some enquiries from colleagues, and from other professionals working in the health industry. They wholeheartedly endorsed Alex as a trusted professional, who would work to improve my health and wellness. I have since found her so brilliant I encourage my friends and family to see her.

My health issues had been an increase in my asthma and sinusitis, as well as lethargy and weight gain. As a working professional with a young family, it is too easy to ignore our own health while we look after everyone and everything else around us. However I decided it was my turn, and I have thrived.

Alex started with a comprehensive analysis of my current health, including live blood analysis. I found this very beneficial, as she was looking at the big picture, not just the one health complaint. She has then mapped out a plan which has improved my overall health and wellbeing.

Alex can be trusted, is knowledgeable and strives to improve our health. She has an array of products and resources available at the Wellness House which enhance what she offers. I could not imagine ever losing Alex from “my corner”, as she has helped me enormously."  

Lara, Brisbane

"Alex is wonderful and her professional yet caring nature helps me to feel at ease.  Alex takes the time to listen, identify specific areas that need attention, and treat them directly.  I feel the difference in such a short time, sometimes I am amazed.  I love to visit Alex because I know she has a genuine interest in my health and well being.  An added bonus is the knowledge that I am not using potentially harmful chemicals.  Alex is particularly good with kids, as she takes the time to understand them and help them understand their health."

Kelly, West Brisbane

"After trying for months to have a baby and no success, we came across Healing Hands.  After a couple months of detox thanks to Alex we conceived our first child on our second attempt! We continued to see Alex throughout the pregnancy and after the birth and we've found that the whole family is much healthier for it.  Bub has only had a minor cold once in her 7 months of life where I've seen other children her age to be sick all the time!  We will definitely be making a booking to see her next time we start trying for number 2!!"

Rebecca, Brisbane

"My husband has had troubles sleeping lately; he had a massage yesterday and slept through the night; thanks Marlene!"

Jo-Anne, Ipswich

"The best massage in the world"

Natasha, Brassall

"The greatest recommendation I can give my clients is that they go and visit you!"

Kathy, Brisbane

"Go here, go here now I tell you. now!!"

Steven, Brisbane

"Brilliant healing with exceptional service :-)"

Roanne, Brisbane


"I have always considered myself pretty healthy and only a little bit "flabby". Thanks to the fat release system, I have shed 6kgs of FAT - I feel great and have so much more energy!"

Jeanette, 48, Laidley

"Despite working out at the gym regularly twice a week, I thought that extra tyre around my waist was part of growing old! on the fat release system I lost that tyre and still maintained my muscle mass. As a bonus, that rotten double chin I have had for years has also shrunk! I feel great!"

Blair, 52, Ipswich

"As a naturopath, I have worked hard to keep myself in shape, but as I was getting older, nothing would shift that little pot belly that had appeared over the past 10 years -Many medical professionals will tell you that's part of menopause but I wasn't taking that! After the fat release program, I have lost 6.5kg in 3 weeks and feel so good! AND no more pot belly"

Alexandra, 47, Ipswich

"Hormonal changes came dramatically as I turned 49 years in the form of hot flushes which became uncomfortable and irritating. After the fat release program, not only did I shed kilos, my hot flushes have TOTALLY disappeared and my nights are restful again."

Annie, 50, Moggill