For as much as we think we know about nutrition, there is so much more we don’t. Current research is uncovering that, surprise, surprise, we are not all genetic clones, and that one size does not fit all.

Certain nutrition theories have been used and in some facilities, are still used to apply to sports performance and rehabilitation. One such theory that gained traction that was applied across the board was the idea that people need carbohydrates for energy and sports performance.

We are now discovering more and more that theories such as carbohydrates for energy through sports gels, jelly beans and carb loading prior to the event actually leads to increase levels of systemic inflammation, i.e., rusting the body from the inside facilitating poor outcomes in rehabilitation methods. Yet another theory I could not apply with beneficial outcomes. I needed to find out as much information as possible about the athlete to see which nutrition type best suited their bodies and their needs. I could not follow the gold standard.

Scientific inquiry is quickly discovering that this is not the case and further investigation is needed.

Within my life time I remember seeing athletes perform at their chosen sport for the length of their career, then upon retirement completely blow out in weight and injury status. Growing up I thought that it came down to the fact that these people weren’t training to the capacity at which they did during their career. But the more I studied, applied and tested these nutrition theories on the athletes I worked with over the years, the more I learnt things such as the ratio of exercise performance in direct relation to nutrition did not account for body composition, athletic performance and injury status, and in fact it was the other way around.

Nutrition status accounted for more in these areas than the stimulus of exercise and training. Adding credence to the statement, you can’t about train a bad diet. Because as I witness, physiologically, these athletes where having to retire early and be left with serious injuries for the rest of their lives. Health exists on many platforms.

The more involved in testing and applying theories of double blind, placebo controlled randomized studies, or what the industry terms as “gold standard”, the more I understood that one stimulus in, does not equal one outcome. We are a complex and synergistic physiology which requires health and healing for growth and performance from a multitude of sources, not just nutrition and exercise.

This is what captured my attention and lead me to study more about nutrition and add in naturopathy so as I could understand the basis of biochemical and pathophysiological basis of the human body and how to apply natural methods of health care alongside current medical technology to enhance the body system on as many levels as possible.

We are now at an exciting time where we are witnessing an explosion of data from a wide range of sources, made public, instead of through paid journals only ever accessible by academics. We are understanding that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to individual outcomes, performance and injury management strategies.

I worked with athletes in a time where surgery, steroid injections and ice baths where the treatments for injuries and recovery. I particular remember a trend years ago where AFL players were having surgery to cut their groin muscles to reduce the risk of groin tears, only to discover that once yoga and Pilates were introduced into sports performance and recovery strategies, that indeed it was core strength that supported the pelvic girdle thereby allowing the body through feedback mechanism to trigger a stretch response through the groin muscle reducing tears and injuries.

There are so many more stories I have encountered and experienced when it comes to accessing anecdotal evidence through coaches on the ground applying theories with little success forcing them to create their own programs to fill in the gaps from scientific research.

It is this access to information and knowledge from the practical application of the theory that has propelled me to love what I do through using a combination of skills and education that I have collected over the years, to allow me to work in a manner that is completely reliant on the basis of individualised health care through functional testing, genetics, and past medical history etc.

Through this I have developed a methodology and a way in working with individuals to maximize outcomes, reduce injury and support total body health.

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