If you suffer from: 

  • Constant Major/Minor Injuries 

  • Fatigue & Low Energy 

  • Reduced Sports Performance  

  • Poor Reaction Time 

  • Constant Low Grade Fatigue 

  • Hormonal Complaints 

  • Skin Conditions  

  • Immune Issues 

  • Autoimmunity especially Coeliac Disease 

  • Chronic Constipation and/or Diarrhoea 

  • Food Intolerances 

  • Allergies 

And more that affect the way you train, play, enjoy exercise and movement, we can help.   

Whether you play professional sport, are a weekend warrior or just love to keep fit and healthy, but you find yourself stuck in a trap where you’re just not changing, improving, growing and recovering the way you use to or the way you’ve been told you should.  

At Healing Hands Natural Health Clinic we can help you get to the bottom of why your body is not performing to the best of its ability.   

Poor performance most often comes down to inadequate nutrition, poor immune function, lowered hormonal response systems, poor neuromuscular facilitation, reduced range of motion through old injuries that are stiff, arthritic and have poor flexibility limiting growth, recovery and performance. 

Often times we explain away our lack of oomph when it comes to sport, exercise and performance with age, overtraining, getting sick and injured and the list goes on. While all of these can contribute to lowered performance and outcomes, most often it comes back to the body not having everything it requires to fire on all cylinders. A body that has everything it needs for performance will perform! 

Why this occurs is unique to each individual. Some of these may include:  

  • Autoimmune or genetic condition preventing your body from being able to utilise nutrients and eliminate waste products effectively 

  • A food intolerance, digestive issues or poor nutrient intake zapping your energy and limiting performance and recovery 

  • Poor recovery strategies including inadequate sleep, nutrition, past medical intervention & surgeries, drugs & medications, training with your hormonal peaks & rhythms, or no recovery strategy at all will limit outcomes.  

Through clinical investigation and testing we can discover the rate limiting steps in your physiology and put together a treatment protocol to help solve these issues through nutrition, supplementation, amino acids, herbal medicine, recovery strategies, hydration, and more. We will help you achieve your best outcomes.  

Outside of sport and performance, don’t we just want to feel our best as often as we can, feel energised and more importantly feel more confident in ourselves? Maybe you lack motivation and drive to get out there and join a gym, sign up for that sports team or get out and walk. This too can significantly be improved by addressing hormones & neurotransmitters, gut & digestive health, nervous system health, sleep/wake cycles, nutrition and overall general health. 


We all want to be well and to achieve that you need a protocol that is specific to you and your lifestyle. Come in and meet the Katy and team at Healing Hands Natural Health Clinic where we provide a complete health assessment to better understand your biochemistry and physiology to optimise your health outcomes.  

We provide you with a comprehensive report complete with test results and information to keep you on track alongside dietary and lifestyle modifications to get you on to the road to great health.  

If this sounds like you or someone you know, CONTACT US to book an appointment with katy lawryk – 07 32022300 


Initial appointment: $220.00

Follow up appointment: $70.00

One hour consultation: $130.00

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